Chatty Babies

Starring: Scamp (22m), Tizzie (10 months), Mummy (all grown up)

Both babies are in highchairs eating peaches.

Scamp: (Has finished her peach and stretches to reach Tizzie’s)

Mummy: Er no. (pushes highchairs further apart)

Scamp: (Sweetly) More peach?

Mummy: Peach all gone Scamp. You ate it all.

Scamp: (Plays with her fingers)

Tizzie: (Finishing her peach)

Mummy: (Returns to laptop)

Scamp: (Stretches and reaches Tizzies highchair. Drags it towards her own)

Mummy: What are you doing?

Scamp: (Stern) Talk Tizzie.

Mummy: What do you want to talk to Tizzie about?

Scamp: That peach.


Starring: Scamp (22m), Tizzie (10 months), Mummy (all grown up), and neighbours Amelia (12) and Kerry (9)

Both babies are in highchairs while I prepare food. Scamp is sleeping in her highchair, with her head on the tray. Tizzie is impressing the children with her mastery of the “ELC Activity Triangle”.

Amelia & Kerry: Yay, clever girl Tizzie!

Tizzie: (Moves turning zigzag thing along upwards).

Amelia: Tizzie’s so clever

Tizzie: Well done, well done, well done!!!

Amelia: Aww look Kerry, she’s clapping.

Mummy: It’s how she signs well done.

Kerry & Amelia: Awwwwww

Scamp: (wakes up)

Mummy: Hello Scamp (kisses Scamp and starts to stroke her hair)

Kerry: Aww look what Tizzie did! Good girl Tizzie

Tizzie: (hyper) Well done, well done, well done, well done, well done!!! 

Amelia: Tizzie well done!

Kerry: (Applauds) Yay Tizzie!!! 

Mummy: (Still stroking Scamps hair)

(About 3 more minutes of the same)

Scamp: (First words since waking) Tizzie not that nice.

Mummy, Amelia & Kerry: (Burst out laughing).

Starring: Scamp (22m), Tizzie (10 months), Mummy (all grown up)

In this scene Mummy is changing Tizzie’s nappy

Scamp: (Ambles over for a look)

Mummy: Hello Scamp

Scamp: Tizzie Pooey?

Mummy: Tizzie Pooey.

Mummy: (Gets nappy (diaper) open)

Scamp: WHOA Tizzie well pooey, WHOA, WHOA Tizzie!!!

Starring: Scamp (22m), Mummy (all grown up), 

In this scene we are driving in the car. 

Scamp: Bike!

Mummy: (looks) yes bike well done.

Scamp: Bike two! Bike two!

Mummy: Clever girl, two bikes.

(Quiet for a while)

Mummy: (points) Look, bike

Scamp: (looks) No bike

Mummy: Did you not see it, there was a bike.

Scamp: Bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no,  bike no, bike no, bike no, bike no.

Mummy: You just didn’t see it, there was a bike there.


Mummy: Oh kaaaaaay. Oh look, lorry.

Scamp: Yes. Lorry. Yes Mummy. Lorry Mummy. Lorry lorry. Yes. Lorry yes.

Starring: Scamp (21m), Mummy (all grown up), Bobby (our cat, age uncertain)

In this scene we are seated at the table, babies in highchairs, pets hovering nearby. 

Mummy: (sniffs air) Pooey, who’s pooey? Are you pooey? Pooey Scamp or Pooey Tizzie?

Scamp: Probby Bobby pooey (points at cat under table).

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Starring: Scamp (21m), Tizzie (9 months), Mummy (all grown up)

Mummy: (Puts family size box of donuts in shopping trolley/ shopping cart)

Scamp: Cake! Cake! Cake!

Mummy: Yes cake

Scamp: Baby cake, Baby cake, oooh.

Mummy: Cake later. Good girls can have cake after dinner.

Scamp: (Thoughtful)

Mummy: (Heads for exit of cake aisle.)

Scamp: (Suddenly distressed) Pick Tizzie cake!!! Cake Tizzie!!! Pick pick!!! Cake Mummy!!! Caaaaaaake!!!

Starring Scamp (age 21 months), Tizzie (age 9 months), Mummy (all grown up) and Faye’s bed. 

In this scene Faye is at her Dads and both babies are cuddled with Mummy on Fayes bed. We have just finished reading a story and drinking bedtime milk. Tizzie is being winded.

Scamp: Fayie bear, Fayie bear (waves Fayes best bear around)

Mummy: you like Faye’s bear don’t you.

Scamp: Fayie Bear, Fayie Bear

Mummy: What else do you like?

Scamp: Tizzie burps

Mummy: What else?

Scamp: Baby milk (she calls herself Baby)

Mummy: You do like milk. Anything else?

Scamp: (thinks) Tizzie milk! (thinks more)

Scamp: (optimistically) Tizzie burp. (holds out hands for Tizzie’s leftover milk).

Mummy: (hands Scamp Tizzie’s leftover milk because, as Scamp noted- Tizzie has finished now, belching done and all).